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FleetXPS is an Android-based mobile on-board tablet fully managed by Trimble. The tablet is IP65 certified at a drop height of 1.2 meter and its battery typically lasts an 8-hour work day. It gives acces to third-party apps, certified and tested by Trimble.

FleetXPS provides current, detailed information on the status and condition of consignments, from loading/transfer to digital proof of delivery. This forms the basis for efficient supply chain management.

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Having no direct vehicle interaction, FleetXPS concentrates on interaction with the driver when dealing with logistical activities:

  • Real-time OTA Track & trace (**)
  • Manual and automatic (*) driver identification
  • Message traffic and hands-free telephony (optional via a variety of wireless connectivity options such as WLAN, Bluetooth and 3G)
  • Navigation and truck navigation
  • Hours justification
  • Proof of delivery:
    • built-in dedicated 1D/2D barcode scanner (optional)
    • buit-in camera for damage recording and taking pictures of barcodes
    • document scanner (external device)
    • sign-on-glass: digital signature
  • Driving time display (*)

Like CarCube and Truck4U, FleetXPS is a closed system, which means that it is set up and managed (software/hardware) exclusively through Trimble Transport & Logistics.

Flexible, modular and compatible

A unique aspect of Truck4U and FleetXPS is that they not only communicate with the same back-office software from Trimble Transport & Logistics but also share data with each other. This makes it possible to deploy real-time solutions for fleet management and logistical information both singly and in combination.

The modularity and easy installation of Truck4U and FleetXPS create new cooperation opportunities. A fleet owner using real-time fleet management can easily cooperate with a logistics service provider needing only logistical data. Both parties can share the cost.


(*) These functionalities require a WiFi connection to the Truck4U gateway.
(**) Truck4U airtime can also be utilised (if connected)


The specifications mentioned above may differ for Australia. Please contact your local sales team for more information.


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