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CarCube on-board computer with integrated data communication, navigation and GPS for BE-Trans

BE-Trans was primarily looking for a way to really simplify their salary administration. Every month, they were spending 3 to 5 days of their time processing the performed hours. They had to find a better way of doing this. In addition, they wanted to improve the planning. 

“Our drivers undertake 3 to 4 journeys per day: so, efficient planning is crucial”, states business manager Bert Vranckx.

Simply a fantastic system

"We compared various systems and found that the CarCube was the best solution for us. It is simply a fantastic system, the best that is currently available."

Bert Vranckx, Business Manager BE-Trans

Time savings determine quick Return on Investment

All trucks have been equipped with a CarCube on-board computer with integrated data communication, navigation and GPS. The CarCubes have been integrated with FleetWatch, the leading application for automatically processing performed hours and expenses.

“This system pays for itself many times over, just by the time savings alone. Before, I had to spend more than a week on the salary administration, and this has now been reduced to half a day”, states Bert Vranckx, “In terms of salary administration, we have certainly achieved our objective. And what has happened? The impact on the planning is, if anything, even more evident. This system is many times better than what we previously had. Before we had to call over the phone, but now a planner can see where everyone is on his screen, and this is extremely useful. The planning is much more efficient. I would be confronted with a lot of arguments if I were to withdraw the system from use”, he comments jovially.

Working efficiently and user-friendliness

Previously, a driver received the instructions for his journey from TransLine via SMS on his mobile phone, now the CarCube is his only interface. This integration has almost been completed”, he enthusiastically states, “We can now work much more efficiently: for example, centralisation of the delivery addresses means that the same contact information is now available to everyone. Our drivers still have to enter the container numbers in their on-board computer. This data is then immediately available for the back-office. And the invoicing is now also more accurate because, for example, we can now retrieve the exact loading and unloading times.



“The reactions from our drivers? They have not encountered any problems when using the CarCube. They all know how to use it. Moreover, they were asked about which system should be chosen, and we consulted in relation to the list of questions. I have not received any complaints from anyone, and this is certainly remarkable. In any event, the introduction of this system represents a major change, and not every driver likes to be continuously monitored”, concludes Bert Vranckx.

Bert Vranckx and his team compared various systems and found that the CarCube was the best system for them. They were not only impressed by the user-friendliness of the touch screen, but also by easy configuration and integration.


This integration also took place extremely quickly. If something was not in order, we only had to phone my project manager or account manager to find an optimal solution. This is impressive for such a large company as Trimble.” And he concludes: “It is simply a fantastic system, the best that is currently available.


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Reference BE-Trans
Number of employees


Vehicle fleet

About 110 trucks and 220 trailers


Transport of 20- to 45-foot containers, high cubes, refrigerated containers (reefers), and tipping containers, and specializes in the transport of 20-foot containers with special combi-trailers. Liaison work constitutes a substantial part of the business activities.

Operating area

From the port of Antwerp, Zeebrugge, Rotterdam, Marseille and Le Havre throughout the whole of Europe.



Integration with FleetWatch (application from LogicWay for automatically processing performed hours and expenses) and TransLine (TMS application from Aexis Medical, focusing on container transport)


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