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Task management

Task planning

Less paper and fast, clear communication? It is possible. The driver receives his journey assignments on the CarCube. Contact data of the consignee, as well as the route to be followed are transmitted automatically.

Information about the trailer to be used or packages to be delivered can also be linked to the journey assignment. Your driver has a manageable view of all the data on the screen of his CarCube.

Task and journey allocation

A handy integrated module in FleetWorks allows your planners to allocate journeys to vehicles and drivers. The journey information can also be read in from an existing TMS package. Your drivers can pick their own task from their list of tasks, but your planners can also impose performance of tasks in a specified sequence. This enables them to factor minimal distances into their planning and after each completed task they know exactly which task will follow. They can easily adjust the task sequencing, if necessary. In short: your planners are in complete control and retain an overview.

Task status report

A question path guides the driver when drawing up his timesheets and reporting on the jobs done. In this way your planners know the status of a given job at any time.