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Open architecture and easy integration

Our solutions are deliberately based on open standards. Their open, modular and scalable architecture ensure seamless integration with existing or new applications and adaptation to the evolving needs of your business.
They can be easily integrated with many back-office applications that help you to automate your transport administration.

A selection of successful integrations

Payroll calculations

Registered working hours and activities can easily be processed with a view to payroll preparation and other types of report generated by software for automated time and cost processing (distance, hours and fuel reporting, rules on driving hours, performance indicators, waiting, loading and unloading times, cost allocation, etc.).

Journey optimisation

An efficient route planning that takes into account an optimal stocking density of your heavy goods vehicles, can significantly reduce your transportation costs. Specialised applications help you to use your vehicles optimally through smart logistics. They take into account various parameters such as vehicle capacity, vehicle types and service times.

Transport Management Systems (TMS)

Data generated by the on-board computers supply the Transport Management Software (TMS) of your choice. This ensures optimal dispatching and automates the operational procedures of your business processes.