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FleetCockpit, all-in-one for the dispatcher

FleetCockpit ensures efficient scheduling

The dispatch office is the nerve centre of a transport company. A whole host of information is required by the dispatcher to achieve the optimal trip scheduling. If the amount of data becomes overwhelming, dispatchers may struggle to cope under such pressure and the outcome can be affected. With direct access to the correct information FleetCockpit from Trimble Transport & Logistics makes the information easy to digest and use, providing your dispatch office with a dynamic scheduling tool that optimises work to ensure ultimate efficiency across your fleet.

With FleetCockpit, the dispatchers see at a glance


  • the current position of the vehicles and ongoing activities and tasks
  • destination of the vehicles, their route and estimated time of arrival
  • hitched trailers
  • unread messages and alarm notifications (alerts)
  • drivers’ driving times, both elapsed and still available
  • detailed order information
  • driver activity report, with justification of resting times
  • vehicle activity report
  • enclosed map for actual and historical data display
  • live traffic information

Benefits of FleetCockpit

One-stop shop for the dispatch

Current information from the on-board computers about fleet, drivers and orders are clearly shown on a single display.

Fully adaptable

Each dispatcher can fully configure the FleetCockpit display exactly as they want. This makes it possible for them to have a direct view on the most important information in their specific situation.

Accessible from anywhere

FleetCockpit is a web-based application that is accessible via web browser from any location.

Remarkable ease of use

Thanks to the intuitiveness of FleetCockpit, the dispatching is up-to-date at a glance.

Increased productivity and customer service levels

The real-time view on order processing allows the dispatching staff to respond timely to expected and unexpected situations. This makes it possible for dispatchers to update customers in a timely way with full information and to manage drivers quickly and efficiently.