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AVEVE and Dumoulin achieve substantial cost and time savings with CarCube. Waiting times at factories cut back, fuel savings of up to 5 litres per 100 kilometres.

The AVEVE Group has recently invested in a hundred Trimble CarCube onboard computers for its parent company’s external carriers and for its subsidiary company Dumoulin’s own trucks. In deploying the onboard computers, AVEVE and Dumoulin, which set much store by innovation and sustainability, are able to cut back waiting times at the animal feed factories substantially. “In addition, it enables us to reduce fuel consumption by a good percentage”, explains Transport Manager Dries Callewaert of Dumoulin NV.

AVEVE is of course particularly known as the Belgian agriculture and horticulture supplier. Nationally it also has the largest retail store chain in gardening, pets and home-baking. In order to be able to supply the animal feed factories properly and efficiently, investment was needed in more modern truck equipment. AVEVE’s choice fell to the Trimble CarCube and it has since been fitted in the more than forty tractor units of the parent company and subsidiary company Dumoulin. Dries Callewaert, Transport Manager with Dumoulin, producer of natural mix feeds intended for all kinds of animal species, is very pleased with the implementation of the project: “The Trimble project started in December and only took a few weeks, which was not too bad.” Otherwise, not only were CarCube onboard computers fitted in AVEVE company trucks, but the hired charters driving for the company will also procure these onboard computers, so that the total comes out at a little over a hundred.

Trucks halting unnecessarily with idling engines countered

Integrating CarCube onboard computers coincides with a wider modernisation programme that AVEVE and Dumoulin are undergoing. Within Dumoulin’s organisation, a new transport management system (TMS) from French supplier OET (Logalia) was chosen and is currently being rolled out. Its implementation is expected to be complete by the beginning of April. The benefits of the CarCubes in combination with the transport software is something to watch out for. “Just opting for CarCube onboard computers already enables us to follow our drivers better, make them drive more economically and check whether they are halted unnecessarily with the engine idling. We are also able to cut back waiting times at the factories; after all we now know exactly when the driver will be arriving.” Knowing when the trucks arrive at the factories is important, because the vehicles have a busy journey schedule and visit many addresses each day. Because the onboard computers send signals to the TMS, the factories are able to take receipt of goods immediately following arrival or despatch them with the driver. “Naturally, that also affects the cost of the shipments”, according to the Transport Manager.

Time logging and automating drivers’ pay

Dumoulin will also be able to perform the time logging and the drivers’ pay using the CarCube. This will reduce the company’s administrative burden. The records will also make it visible that the costs per kilometre are declining, on the one hand because the drivers will be driving fewer unnecessary kilometres thanks to the navigation system integrated in the CarCubes and on the other because fuel consumption will fall. Callewaert: “I think that we could definitely save up to five litres per hundred kilometres with ten percent of the drivers.”