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CarCube for ADRA-TRANS Kwidzyn - precision, planning and cost control

ADRA-TRANS Transport and Shipping Company of Kwidzyn is an international road transport company. It specialises in the transportation of domestic and foreign spatial cargo and high-value goods, such as electronic equipment and automobiles. That is why careful planning of routes, precise monitoring of vehicles and drivers and the possibility of continuous and efficient contact with them, as well as the ability to read the data from the tachograph, are necessary. This is made possible by the on-board CarCube computer from Trimble Transport & Logistics.

Precision, planning and cost control

"I see that our customers, with curiosity and approbation, look at the innovation which improves the monitoring of each stage of delivery."

Pawel Adranowicz, owner of ADRA-TRANS

According to Pawel Adranowicz, owner of ADRA-TRANS, one of the greatest assets of this company is its family character, as a result of which the company is more flexible for customers, because the decision-making process is not formalised. It is also easier to communicate with the owners of the company. Understanding without words and endless mutual trust facilitate prompt decision making and flexible adaptation to the sophisticated and rapidly changing customer’s needs.

Valuable cargo just-in-time

The company was founded in 1985. Until 1991, it only rendered domestic services, and later also international. “From 2003, after graduating in logistics, together with my brother Dariusz, we joined the company and since then our company assumed the new name of ADRA-TRANS”  says Pawel Adranowicz. For many years, ADRA-TRANS serves a narrow and demanding specialisation of the transportation of very expensive goods and in addition in “just in time” system - bypassing warehouses - directly to the production lines in the whole of Europe. It carries, among others, electronic products and components, specialised containers for the transportation of car parts and parts alone.

Primary benefits

In mid-2012, the Trimble Transport & Logistics system was introduced in ADRA-TRANS – presently in a few vehicles. "The idea was to further improve the quality of our transport services and speed up the flow of information. In addition, we wanted a tool that would allow us to control and train drivers in the art and culture of driving vehicles – that was why we got interested in the Trimble Transport & Logistics telematic system, the main component of which is an on-board CarCube computer", says Pawel Adranowicz. Pawel got to know about the Trimble T & L company through reading transport industry publications. He was also encouraged by the positive opinion of users of the system. He phoned Krzysztof Puslowski, who is the Sales & Project Manager for Trimble Transport & Logistics in Poland. He agreed to a meeting, after which he was of the view that CarCube was what I was looking for. - We were trained in our office on how to operate the system by an employee of Trimble Transport & Logistics. To this day, if we have any questions - we receive answers by phone and this is very important to us. “Some drivers have been trained in our company, and others on the occasion of their stay in and around Warsaw - by a Trimble, staff" - says Pawel Adranowicz.

"I see that our customers curiously and with approbation, look at the innovation which improves the monitoring of each stage of delivery. They feel safer, knowing that we are concerned about this. The drivers, on the other hand, appreciate the on-board CarCube computer as a very good navigation system for trucks and as an equipment that improves their professional qualifications", Pawel Adranowicz notes.

"Implementation (of the system) in ADRA-TRANS was for us the next step in meeting the needs of the Polish transport market", says Pawel Wojtysiak, Polish Country Manager for Trimble Transport & Logistics. "The customer from the beginning had a clearly defined expectations and objectives that clearly would allow him to improve the operational activities in his transportation. So the implementation of our system once again clearly demonstrated how the professional service implementation of our customers is an important step in achieving full business success."

Reference Adra-Trans
Number of employees


Vehicle fleet

* Number of tractors - 20
* Number of semi-trailers - 31


Cargo specializations – spatial cargo - up to 100 m3, electronic equipment, car parts (in “just in time” system)

Operating area

Germany, Austria, Netherlands, France and Italy


CarCube on-board computer


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