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160 new CarCubes deliver percentage savings on fuel for Zandbergen’s Transport

Over the summer months Zandbergen’s Transport fitted all its lorries with the newest version of the CarCube from Trimble, cementing the haulage contractor's years of trust in Trimble. The installation of the third generation CarCube on-board computers enables the company to increase driving efficiency, thus delivering percentage savings on fuel consumption. “The CarCubes also supply us with more information about drivers' driving hours and driving behaviour”, says Jos Zandbergen, director of the company.

‘On-board computers give us more information’

For Zandbergen’s Transport the ability to offer flexibility to customers is really important. It means that employees can also react quickly to customer demand. The planners can also promptly give an expected arrival time (ETA). The customers can even view this ETA, by logging on to the company website. The newest version of the CarCube offers Zandbergen noticeably more options than the previous version of the Trimble on-board computer.

More extensive options
Initial findings with the most recent CarCube and its extensive options give Jos Zandbergen a feeling of satisfaction. Among the things the on-board computer offers are truck navigation, remote readout of the digital tachograph and quicker response times. “It was the right time to install the third version of the CarCube”, according to Zandbergen. An attractive upgrade offer also had a part to play.

‘Personal overview for each planner’
The 160 on-board computers were fitted in the same number of trucks during the summer months. “This means our planners have much more information at their disposal, certainly for the customer. The data provided by the CarCubes can be viewed on the planners' screens via the Trimble FleetCockpit planning tool. The planner can classify the data on the screen to suit, creating the required personal overview for each planner.”

The choice of the FleetCockpit planning tool was a deliberate one on the part of the director. This is an added option offered by Trimble. The FleetWorks solution is included in the CarCube package as standard.

Pilot for the Driving Style Assistant
Zandbergen also started using a pilot for the Driving Style Assistant, which monitors the drivers' driving behaviour, from the office. Savings on fuel consumption are expected, along with a slowdown in the wear and tear on the trucks. Remote readout of the driver's pass and mass memory immediately saved the company time, too. “Previously, we would take a laptop over to our trucks so we could read out these items”, says the director.

KPI reports
The most important functionalities that Zandbergen’s Transport has at its disposal after implementation of the on-board computers are truck navigation, live view of drivers' trip times, remote readout of the mass memory of the digital tachograph and KPI reports from the LogicWay spending on wages tool. Truck navigation sees that drivers cover fewer unnecessary kilometres, with lower CO2 emissions. The first few months have shown a time gain of ten minutes per trip. A saving of three per cent on the total number of kilometres covered should also be achievable, which equates to 500,000 kilometres on an annual basis.


About Zandbergen’s Transport –

Zandbergen’s Transport B.V. is a medium-sized family firm with branches in Limmen, Tilburg and Amsterdam. The company specialises in the nationwide distribution of building materials, soft drinks and foodstuffs. In addition, it transports a range of other products throughout Benelux, specialising in high-volume haulage. Alongside haulage, the company also provides warehousing activities for its customers. Flexibility for customers and client involvement are descriptions that best fit Zandbergen's Transport B.V. The fleet consists of 180 tractor units. Zandbergen has warehouses in strategic locations throughout the Netherlands, with a total of 12,500 m2 available for storage.