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1-minute ruling in Journey Time Assistance, Truck Navigation expanded: Reduce journey time with the CarCube!

Trimble Transport & Logistics is expanding the CarCube on-board computer with new functionality aimed at reducing journey times and increasing ease of use. The CarCube’s Journey Time Assistance ties in seamlessly with the ‘1-minute ruling’ for the digital tachograph, which has been applied since 1 October this year. In addition, two new functions make it easier to navigate with the innovative Truck Navigation from Trimble Transport & Logistics. The on-board computer CarCube is continuously innovated, so that our customers can immediately comply with or profit from changes in legislation and regulations” says Michel van Maercke, CEO of Trimble Transport & Logistics. “Moreover, we always focus on optimising ease of use.

CarCube makes exact journey time visible

Until recently, the digital tachograph recorded each movement of the vehicle after 5 seconds of journey time. This is no longer the case, now that EU Regulation 1266/2009 applies: since 1 October, the longest activity within a calendar minute determines whether this minute is recorded as journey, work or rest time. This saves considerable time in transports with a large number of stops and situations in which the truck has to be moved regularly. The (extra) journey time is shown exactly in the Journey Time Assistance of the CarCube and in the FleetCockpit tool for the planner. The on-board computer warns the driver with audiovisual signals if the maximum permissible journey time approaches. In addition, planning via FleetCockpit always has an up-to-the-minute view of the driver’s elapsed and remaining journey time.

Simple, fast and safe navigation

Truck Navigation from Trimble Transport & Logistics takes into account the legal restrictions that apply to trucks and leads the driver efficiently and safety to his destination. Drivers who enter this destination by hand can do so even quicker and more easily with the new intelligent keyboard: when the destination is keyed in, the navigation system now displays the town and street name automatically.
The updated journey planner in the Truck Navigation also makes for faster and easier navigation. This allows the driver to enter interim stops before he reaches the final destination. The driver can enter these interim stops manually or select them from the address book or the point-of-interest list, which includes petrol stations and rest-stops.