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‘Driving style analysis function deployed for further reduction of CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.’ Blokker makes well-considered choice for possibilities that CarCube offers

Blokker BV, a division of Blokker Holding to which Bart Smit, Xenos and Leen Bakker also belong, has started to build CarCube onboard computers into its trucks. An extensive selection process was first followed by trialling the CarCube in two trucks. The success of this leads to CarCube being rolled out this year in all 82 vehicles, which the retailer uses to supply its 900 stores in the Netherlands and Belgium. Head of Transport Bert van der Waaij: “The CarCube came out of the selection as the best for replacing our present onboard computers.”

Above all, the Trimble CarCube onboard computer gives Blokker more possibilities enabling it to analyse journeys and driving styles. The company has already had onboard computers since 1996, using them reasonably widely for monitoring journeys among other things, yet Van der Waaij believed that it was high time to look for an improved onboard computer. The Head of Transport indicated the principal themes that can be taken up using the CarCube: “We will be using the CarCube for calculating drivers’ pay, journey monitoring, feeding back information to drivers, analysing driving style, navigation from one unloading point to another and tracking and tracing the vehicles.

Experience used in selection process

Blokker has now had well over fifteen years’ experience using onboard computers and analysing driving styles. Naturally, that experience was put to use in selecting the new onboard computers. “We were looking for genuine improvement, a device with a proven track record with other companies and offering more possibilities. Out of the shortlist of three suppliers, our choice went to Trimble. Apart from the capabilities of the CarCube, we had a particularly good feeling about the Trimble team. The guidance while implementing the onboard computers was good, the collaboration easy and enjoyable”, according to Van der Waaij.

Benefits of a modern onboard computer

Blokker sees the driving style analysis function that the CarCube onboard computer provides as an important resource in preserving shipment standards. The driving style analysis has enabled the retailer to make both CO2 emission quantities and fuel consumption fall. Partly thanks to advancing insights and the experience accumulated in analysing drivers’ driving style, Blokker expects further improvement in fuel consumption. Van der Waaij also sees advantages at the administrative level. “In the future, making a link with the digital tachograph will allow us to read those data remotely too. That will reduce the administrative pressure. Even more possibilities will arise in the future, if we are able to link the onboard computer to a route planning system.